5 Best Free Services to Download Bollywood Movies without VPN


The Internet is a wide arena that offers HD movies download & streaming for free. Some crackdowns work on illegal websites allowing downloads without authorization continuously.

These websites are not licensed and run the risk of exposing their users to crimes leading to hefty fines and jail terms. However, there are routine changes in extensions for these websites to evade a ban, which keeps the market for online downloads going.

Some sites allow access to get the right kind of movie through scanning for freely available movies. They do not require HD movies download through utilizing VPN as they have the necessary digital rights.

Howsoever most of these streaming apps are known for them being susceptible to malware. Hence the source of the very sites used for download of Movies Bollywood should be reliable in protecting the user’s privacy and not potentially harming.

Multiple sites offer downloads of full-length movies without costing a single penny. Some of these are Moviespapa, Hdmovies300, Moviesroot to Moviemad, etc.


A very popular pirated torrent website that allows Movies Bollywood to regional downloads. This includes a wide array of languages from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu to Malayalam & Punjabi, and English.

The collection also boasts of regional content like Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc. The website allows streaming free of cost. Moviespapa offers several addons, making it one of the best platforms for free New Movies Hindi downloads to regional downloads.

These services include sub-titles that allow easier understanding. Moviespapa is not limited to just movies but also offers music albums as well as TV series downloads.

A user-friendly site that allows picking the type of resolution or format and size for HD movies download has several domain names enlisted for avoiding legal compliance.

Some of the major movie leaks by Moviespapa include Aadyaa, Mr. Majnu, American Women, and Artemis Fowl. A hit for all movies’ domains, Moviespapa is famous for finding leaked copies of films within hours of their release.


Hdmovies300, like many other free streaming sites for Movies Bollywood and Hollywood, sees recognition as a major torrent site for HD quality movies without the usage of VPN. Hdmovies300 releases the leaks faster than any other site.

This is one of the distinctive features that differentiate Hdmovies300 from the rest. This website also allows the streaming of movies from Telugu to Tamil.

However, the site is under the purview of the government jurisdiction & being caught in the act of accessing this site can lead to prosecution for a jail term of 6 months.

Some of the biggest movie leaks by Hdmovies300 include Watchmen, 300 as well as Mission Impossible.

Hdmovies300 boasts of an impressive theme on its website with the best of customizations for Movies Bollywood downloads. There are plugins for advanced Ad management supporting multiple kinds of ads and the option to insert ads due to the failure of plugins.

An effective comment system is enabled to boost the engagement of users, thereby building up loyalty.


Moviesroot is a major pirated website that allows Movies Bollywood downloads. Its homepage subsections include the latest releases, upcoming movies to filtering options by genre, year, quality, acting cast, file sizes, etc.

The genres include romance, drama, action, war, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, tragedy, etc. Moviesroot’s advanced search filter option coupled with UI engages users in gifting an experience where finding movies is a mere feat as it is user friendly.

There are options for regional movie downloads as well from movies Telugu to Kannada as well as Tamil.

Moviesroot is responsible for quite a few major movie leaks. This includes movies such as Extraction, John Wick 3 as well as The Irishman.

New Movies Hindi or any other regional languages and English can be accessed in Moviesroot within 3-4 clicks. Moviesroot also boasts of dubbed to dual-audio movies as well as web-series on its homepage.


Moviemad gives its users the privilege to access movies free of cost without utilizing a VPN. This website is famed for its extensive directory for videos consisting of Movies Bollywood spanning across genres and time.

Moviemad offers the most superior videos in terms of quality. The website also offers subtitles forging better understanding and catering to more users. The site builds on its efficacy in creating the perfect movie-watching experiences for users.

There are multiple formats available for downloading New Movies Hindi and the option of dual audio. Moviemad requires no pre-sign ups and is easily accessible even without setting passwords.

Moviemad is free of malware, curating a haven for users to live stream or download their choice of movies Telugu or Tamil, Hindi, or any other regional. Moviemad works through different names for its domain owing to several restrictions.


9xmovies is a pirated website that is almost around ten years old, having a massive fanbase worldwide. The website offers free Movies from Bollywood to Hollywood downloads.

The list also includes dual audio movies and regional language films from Tamil, Telugu to Malayalam, and Kannada. 9xmovies is recognized for its real-time leaks; the tonal quality is in alignment with the theatre prints.

9xmovies offers the best search filters for their website, and the results are way too precise, often filling up the screen in milliseconds.

The primary features of 9xmovies include suggestive options as well as zero delays. The site is all the more famous for its leaking of Bollywood and Hindi movies’ dubbed version.


People are always on the lookout to search for sites that offer free downloading of movies. Since time immemorial, movies have been the greatest stress busters and are the choicest of options for unwinding after a tiring day at work.

For movies never get old, nor are they too many.

This leads to people wrecking up their heads to find the best plausible option for downloads, and with restrictions and scrutiny ever so ongoing, it is difficult to come across sites for free downloads.

These sites offer live streaming to downloading all but from the comfort of one’s home.

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