9 Movie Franchises ended even not started


Movie franchises are a collection of film series where the plot is somehow connected in succession from the beginning till the end. Franchise movies are always a source of excitement for people worldwide because the build-up of these movies runs through the course of many years. The films reach their climax at some point, and after that, the franchise eventually ends. Such movies strike up a chord in everyone’s’ hearts because people invest a lot of their time emotionally in such franchise movies.

Unsuccessful franchise exists too, in which they either do not deliver the expected quality to their fans or close the productions due to a variety of reasons. Closed movie franchises close during the processes of production or post-production and never get released essentially. They never make it to the theatres.

It brings in a lot of disappointment to their audience and all the firms invested in fructifying the franchise project. Sometimes, the direction falls apart, or the financial status becomes unstable, leading to the whole movie production crew’s disbanding.

Movie franchises hold a lot of importance for the movie industry and also for the audience alike. The article contains details of franchise movies that closed off.

Nine movie franchises that never made it

Here is a list of franchises that started at some point but had to close due to many unfortunate reasons and never got the publics’ attention.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Last Airbender has been an interesting picture in itself. It has everything a children’s book lover would want, action, myths, and magic. The last movie of this franchise was supposed to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was to be produced by Paramount Pictures. However, the production closed. It is said that the script fell apart, and the whole cinematography turned out to be a complete disaster making it an Unsuccessful franchise. Movie franchises were being waited upon by the audience, but they never got the ending they wanted.

The visuals were poor, and it could not appeal to the younger and the older crowd.

2. Divergent

It is one of the closed movie franchises. It was supposed to have four movies in total, but they only made it to 3. This franchise had a lot of action-based scenes. However, the concept of the dystopian world did not fall quite right. There was minimal appreciation from the audience and the industry alike. Acknowledging its unsuccessful venture, this was called off ultimately, when Shailene Woodley, the lead, rejected the other movies.

3. Fantastic Four

Originally, it is a comic series under the umbrella of the Marvel comics. It was adapted into movies chronicling the adventures and misadventures of the superhuman force. It is a superhero film directed by Tim Story, starring Chris Evans, Jessica Alba. Even after having such a stellar cast, this is an Unsuccessful movie franchise. The plot did not make much sense to the audience, and the whole movie seemed out of place, making it a mess. It fell short of the expectation that the comics must have set for the people.

4. The Spider wick Chronicles

It was supposed to be a set of films of the mystery and suspense genre, based on a children’s book. But when the first movie was released, it did not grab the attention of the audience, older and younger alike. However, people hoped that the sequel would do a better job, but the sequel was never produced, and this franchise eventually died down as one of the Closed movie franchises. The movie had magical creatures and mysticism. However, it failed to click.

5. The host

Movie Franchises such as this one came with a lot of anticipation and publicity. It was released in the year 2013. The screenplay was based on the books of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. The movie was supposed to be of the sci-fi genre. However, it did not reach the fandom that it wanted to. Closed movie franchises have a long list, and this is one of them. An evil alien population was going to attack humanity, and the responsibility of saving the Earth fell on a few people. Although it had an interesting plot, the sequels got eventually canceled.

6. Master and commander

It was a fresh attempt at making a navy seal movie filled with suspense and a thriller. Aubrey Maturin had written novels about this, which had many subplots. So, it was natural that this franchise would have surplus movies. The first movie that was released did not make enough money at the box office and was not a hit. Having financial constraints, they had to cancel this franchise. Movie franchises as this had potential but got canceled due to financial difficulty. It was an epic American war-drama and could have sustained its position, but the sequels did not see the light of day for the vagueness it caused. There is a possibility of a sequel as announced by the directors; however, the chances are slim.

7. Tron

This Unsuccessful franchise had 2-3 movies lined up, based on cult fiction, and tinged with sci-fi and action. But the plot and script were not strong enough. So, the whole legacy fell apart. The visuals and the graphic effects were stunning, but the weak plot failed to sway the audience, and thus, this Movie franchise had to be pulled off. Given that it was an action-adventure film, this movie could not pick up the scraps off the floor.

8. Prince of Persia

It was originally a video game section, which had done immensely well in its category. People loved the video game. When Jake Gyllenhaal went forward to making a movie out of it, the cinematic adaptation turned it into a fairly Unsuccessful franchise. As the script was poorly done and the movie adaptation failed, no budget could be gathered for any sequel. This action-adventure movie set in Ancient Iran could have done well if only the screenplay were not an utter disaster. The movie’s reviews and ratings were terrible and a sheer learning experience for Gyllenhaal because this was purely experimental.

9. The Girl with the dragon tattoo

Produced by Columbia Pictures, this movie was an instant hit and was on its way to becoming famous Movie franchises. It is originally adapted from a Swedish film series and novel adaptation. The sequels were made, but they staggered their way to the theatres and became Closed movie franchises. Even though the lead was Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig, their performance being spectacular, could not manage how the script, followed by the directions started to fall apart. After that, the whole franchise was rebooted.


People wait for Movie franchises with a lot of expectations and joy. So, when the appropriate cinematic experience is not delivered to them, it remains a disappointing end with no closure.

Sometimes, these movie projects close off after making publicity stunts and press conferences, maybe because they face issues of finances and technicalities when it comes to production. If the budget is not set right, it is very difficult for movie franchises to deliver the experience they had once promised their fandom and audiences.

For fans across the world, who wait and invest emotionally for critiquing such movies, they are left with no option but to move forward with other franchises.

Closed movie franchises pose the threat of heavy losses to all those who were involved with it, financially and legally.

Whatever be the reason for their disengagement, film critics see this as a very weakening point for production houses and the cast and crew of the particular franchise in question.

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