How to download movies on Ipad?


We know that the iPad is a brilliant device for watching movies with its screen. The iPad makes the picture more vibrant, and the picture quality somehow better. Thus, it is the device of choice for many when watching a movie.

However, it is a hassle to watch the movies from iTunes. Also, there is a thing that you have to pay a lot when you have to watch a movie. The easier alternative to this is to download movies on your iPad. You can download movies on your iPad, even though it is a bit tricky.

There are different ways to get movies on your iPad from different movie download sites. On the iPad, you get the iPad movie’s resolution after downloading and can watch without the hassle. But you have to keep in mind that it is illegal to download movies that are not sanctioned by the movies’ copyrights. You can be fined or punished for the same, so you should be careful.

There are also several sites that let you get movies on your iPad, and you’ll be able to do free iPad movies download from these sites.

How to download free movies without iTunes?

There are a lot of reasons that people don’t like to use iTunes. The first and main reason is that iTunes doesn’t support a lot of file formats. It makes it difficult to view the video gallery of the iPad.

The other reason is that when a format is found to be compatible, you’ll have first to import them to the iTunes library and then sync the files to the iPad. This is a lengthy process and can ruin the whole experience of watching a movie by making it too tiresome.

Some of the ways you can download movies without using iTunes are:

Using cloud storage

One of the ways to download movies to your Ipad is through cloud storage. It is a very simple way when considering small files but the longest when you want to download large files. For this, you can use any third-party apps used for storage. One of the most common among these apps being Dropbox. It offers up to 2GB of free storage on signing up and can increase up to 16GB (500MB for every referral).

You do this by installing Dropbox on the iPad and installing the Dropbox folder on your laptop. Then you have to copy the movie into the Dropbox folder of your laptop. Then the movie will be synced into the Dropbox of your phone. This can take a while depending on two major factors; the speed of your internet connection and the file’s size being synced. When the green tick appears on the screen, you’ll know the file has been synced. You can now stream the movie by simply tapping on it on your iPad, or you can download it by clicking the star and save it on your iPad in the Dropbox app.

By using third-party software

If you don’t want to wait for such a long time till the file is syncing, you can use third-party software. You’ll have to install two apps for this way to work. The recommended is the iExplorer and PlayerXtreme Media Player, a third-party video player to support the third-party software. Both these apps are available on the App store.

You’ll have to connect your iPad to your computer then. After doing this, both the apps will be displayed on the computer screen. You have to open the video player now and drag and drop the files you want to transfer. Once the files are transferred, you can easily view them in the video player.

These are the ways you can download movies on your iPad without iTunes.

Is it legal to download movies on your iPad from the internet?

When you watch a movie on iTunes on your iPad, you usually have to buy it or watch it from your iTunes library. But you might want to store a movie on your iPad, and you might download movies from the internet to do so. Here is where the problem arises.

If the content you are downloading doesn’t have copyrights, then there might not be a problem. If you download copyrighted movies, it may be interpreted as copying the content without the copyrighter’s consent and knowledge.

You can save any content on your iPad. That is completely legal. Also, the terms of the copyright vary, and it also depends on how you use the data.

If the copyright states that if you view the private content and not share it on public platforms, it is legal, then it is legal. But if you share it, action can be taken against you.

Some people use torrents to download movies and files. Torrent is believed to be illegal, but in reality, it depends on the content that is being downloaded through it. Suppose you download movies using torrent, and they are unsanctioned copyright material. In that case, it is illegal to download, store, and share such content as an action can be taken against you.

Where can I download movies for free?

There are a lot of movie download sites that you can visit to download movies free of cost.

The top movie download sites are mentioned:

  • YIFY Movies
  • MyDownloadTube
  • Bob Movies
  • Fmovies
  • Web Archive Movies
  • Movies Couch
  • Watch Movies Free
  • Flimade
  • Critic Bay
  • 1337x Movies
  • Movie Watcher
  • Movie NO Limit
  • Loaded Movies
  • iPagal Movies
  • CineWap
  • CineBloom
  • House Movies
  • Fully Watch Online
  • Movies Daily
  • Movie Cast Blog

You can also download movies from sites including Popcornflux, Yidio, Kanopy, Crackle, Vimeo, and yahoo view. These are authorized sites.


You can use a lot of different sites to download movies and get movies on your iPad. You can then easily enjoy your movies on your iPad and watch them with the iPad movie’s resolution.

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