How To Watch Movies That Are Still In Theaters At Home


Last year, the world saw its very first Covid-19 positive patient, and soon lockdowns were implemented in various countries, followed by the rest of the world. The governments worldwide had to close down malls, food joints, restaurants, parks, salons, game parlors, gyms, and movie theaters. People have stayed away too long, but the fight against the coronavirus has still not ended. The world is desperately waiting for vaccines to be put out in markets after successful medical trials. If you are reading this, congratulations for making it through all these months; kudos to you, but you still have to keep hanging in there.

Watching movies in theaters is one of the many things everybody has been missing. Theaters and cinemas have finally started reopening, but how safe is it to go out? No matter how much sanitization and precautions are taken, the virus somehow finds its way to its prey. Staying at home doesn’t mean any more movies. Watching movies in theaters is not the only way to watch movies. Various cable and online streaming services are available out there. Many people think that all online streaming services are expensive. Listen, friend; there are services other than Netflix and HBO.

While these services do offer exclusive releases other than movies and television/web series that have already been released, other online streaming services allow you to watch new release movies as well.

I feel like I got your attention. Now, let’s talk about watching these new release movies from your homes.

Can you watch movies in theatres on demand?

I bet everybody here loved going to the AMC theaters, but how many of you knew that new release movies and AMC showtimes are also available on video on demand? What are the movies that are still in theaters, which you have not watched yet but are dying to watch? Disney Mulan? The New Mutants? Mortal? Friendsgiving? The Dark and The Wicked? Antebellum? The King Of Staten Island? The Way I See It? Play? All these movies are available on AMC’s video on demand and not at very high costs.

Here’s a plus point. Remember how they do not let you bring food from outside and how crazy expensive the food is inside? Well, no more spending nine dollars for a tub of large popcorns.

Want another plus point? Smoke and drink while watching movies. Get high if you feel like it and drunk as much as you want.

Watch movies in your privacy and at your own time.

No more dressing up for going to the movies! Stay in your PJs and comfy hoodies. You don’t have to be in those shoes anymore for hours; let your warm and comfy socks take care of your feet.

Can you rent a movie that is still in theaters?

Yes, you can! It’s very easy and does not take much time. Once you register yourself on the website, you have to select the movie of your choice and pay for it. These new release movies can easily be found on the video on demand section of the website.

Rent these movies, extend the rental period if you feel like, and rent them again later if you want to watch them again.

They are not even charging differently for SD and HD movies anymore! Watch the same movies in high definition at the price you used to watch in standard definition.

The price you used to pay for one ticket and some snacks can now host a complete party of viewers.

P.S. Ask your friends to bring their own booze tho.

Can you pay to watch movies in theaters at home?

Easily! Pay the rentals while sitting on your couch. Are you having a long day at work? Plan and pay for a movie to see at night at your home with the comfort of staying in your sheets throughout the movie before even getting off from work. The lockdown has taught us that we don’t need to get out of our homes for the stuff that isn’t important.

Just follow these four steps, five if you are renting for the first time.

  1. Register yourself at the website (one-time thing)
  2. Go to the video on-demand section.
  3. Select a movie of your choice
  4. Click on Rent
  5. Pay for whatever period you want to keep the movie.

And that’s how you do it. Enjoy, and try to stay safe.


These are tough times we are living in, and it’s important to stay not only safe but sane. To stay both, we have to stay home and not get exhausted. As an alternative to going to cinemas and multiplexes, AMC theaters have brought to you a way to enjoy the same AMC showtimes from home in the form of video on demand. They are not only offering you archives of movies that were released long ago but new release movies in theaters as well. 

Follow the steps mentioned above to have near to same experience, which you used to have while seeing movies in theaters in your homes on your desktops, laptops, mobiles, and even on your televisions with the extra privilege of staying inside your warm and cozy blankets. 

Now, many of you don’t feel like being alone when watching horror movies or emotional movies or any movies, in fact, and we understand that. Have your friends over, visit your date. Going out to theaters is a big risk and while meeting your friends is too but taking the risk if you feel like it because mental health is important. Staying alone can be a bummer, and it is okay to take these small risks if mental health is at stake.

Till the date, the vaccine comes, and the virus gets extincted. Let’s try to stay in our homes and keep our bodies and minds well.

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