Simple Chess Tips to Know After The Queen’s Gambit Movie


Queen’s Gambit has become more than a chessboard mini-series of 7 episodes. It has the attention of the audience worldwide. This was the undisputed number one show in twelve countries. Social media got buzzing over the show. This has reignited the dormant passion within the masses for Chess online. This show provides something for everyone.

After the conclusion of the show, fans want more. This speaks volumes of the sheer success this show got. The mini-series adapted from a novel written in 1983 by Walter Trevis. The story of the movie is set in the cold war. The series focuses on the cost or price that one pays for his or her genius. You must be eager to know simple chess tips like chess board setup and chess castling.

How to set up a chessboard

Follow the simple steps given below for chess board set up in case you are playing the game for the first time:

Step 1: There are two colored squares on a chessboard. The light-colored square will be on the right bottom corner.

Step 2: Place the pawns on the second rank on the chessboard.

Step 3: The rooks should go on the corners of the chessboard.

Step 4: The next step in chess setup will be the knights going next to the rooks then, followed by bishops.

Step 5: The Queen will be on her color.

Step 6: Place your King in the last available square and remember the white moves first.

How to get better at Chess

There are few steps mentioned below; using them, you will improve your game:

  1. Be aware of all the rules and regulations of the royal game.
  2. You can improve only by playing the game more and more. You can practice Chess online, and you will get better with every passing game.
  3. Be sure to review your games and learn from the mistakes that you will make in the games.
  4. The habit of solving chess puzzles is a good habit to nurture and will only further improve your game. You can get ahead of your peers by thinking your way out of difficult situations. All these difficult scenarios are part of the chess puzzles.
  5. Make sure that you go through the basic end games strategies.
  6. Never waste your valuable time by memorizing chess openings. The best way to go about things would be to go through the basic principles of chess openings.
  7. One should, without fail, double-check the moves that he is about to pull out. These will give assurances to the player that he is not about to commit a mistake.

How to castle in Chess

For beginners, chess castling may feel like an illegal move in the game as two pieces move at the same time. Let me tell you; this is as legal as any other move in Chess. This can also be the most important move in the game, according to some. The only time when two pieces move at the same time is during chess castling. The steps of castling chess are simple. You’ve got to move the King two spaces to the left or right. The rook will come across the King and will sit right next to it.

There are two types of castling chess, and one is Queen’s castling chess. The other one being King’s chess castling. This move is pretty powerful in the game. This safeguards your King from the attacks of the opposition. This move also provides a good tactical defensive position. This also provides a good platform from where you can attack your opponents.

How many squares on a chessboard

The answer is pretty easy. There are 64 squares available on the chessboard setup. The dimension of the chessboard must 8×8. The chessboard setup has an equal number of white and black squares. The number of white squares is 32, and the same goes for black squares.

The number of pieces in the chess setup is the same. There are eight black, two black bishops, two black knights, two black rooks, one black Queen, and one black King in the chess setup. Along the same lines, white has eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one Queen, and one King.

Where to play Chess online

You need not be a grandmaster like Bobby Fischer to play Chess. Nor do you need to own a set of the chessboard to play these beautiful royal game. You only need a decent internet connection and a good chess based website to play. There are a lot of websites out there that have talented players playing. The level of players starts from novices to even grandmasters playing a game of chess online.

They provide you with casual, ranked matches and also tournament matches. In the tournament matches, there are real pro players on the showcase. For a beginner, casual matches are a more viable option given their lack of knowledge in the game. is a great community of all chess lovers. They share live video tutorials for beginners. Grandmasters like Anand visits the website plays an exhibition match with other grandmasters. They also have chess lessons. These lessons can teach you various difficult situations and how to overcome those. This website is also available as an Android app.

Lichess is yet another server where you can learn and play Chess to your heart’s content. This is an open-source chess server where you can go ahead and enjoy Chess. This is also available for android users in the form of an Android app.


In the end, we all can agree that the mini-series of “Queen’s Gambit” is a game-changer for the sport of Chess. The mini-series has broken all the records and has given a push to the sport of chess-like never before. All thanks to the series, people want to know more about the game and want to learn the game.

This can only mean that good times are ahead for all chess lovers. The chess community will grow further, and it will return to its glory years.

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